Ramadaan 20 August 2009

Ramadaan 1430/ 2009

Global recession, job losses, hunger, water shortages, disease, lack of economic opportunity and unaffordable education: these are some of the challenges humanity faces in increased intensity in recent times. As Muslims, as followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who was sent as "Rahmat Lil Alameen", a "Mercy unto ALL Creation", it is incumbent on us to respond to these challenges of our time, to allay anxiety, to remove distress and to find solutions in the interest of Allah's Creation.

Responding to crisis is what Gift of the Givers, with your generous support, does best. With 25 different categories of projects throughout the year, we merely increase the tempo during Ramadaan. Our projects are diverse and widespread. This Ramadaan we lay special emphasis on food parcels, water provision, orphan care and medical support in Gaza.In Malawi provision of iftar, food parcels, agricultureal inputs and boreholes is paramount. In Somalia the provision of iftar and fishing boats with engines, for self sufficiency is our priority having worked in that region since the Tsunami in 2004.

In South Africa the massive roll out of food parcels, iftar at various venues and the exponential growth of our feeding schemes is what your contributions support, so be it Lillah, Zakaah, Sadqa, Fidya, Kaffarah, Aqiqa or Sadqa Jariyah, we have an avenue for you.The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "The best charity is to feed a hungry belly".

Ramadaan activities

Gauteng Iftar everyday at 11 points
Cost of Iftar per day: R3,000
Western Cape Iftar everyday at 3 points in Cape TownCost of iftar per day: R4,500
LimpopoIftar in Lichtenburg and Louis Trichardt
South Africa

Food parcels for needy Muslims in Ramadaan;

Eid food parcels

Cost of food parcel: R350
MalawiIftar in Malawi everyday; Food parcels for RamadaanFeeding thousands of people
ZimbabweIftar in Kwe Kwe; 500 food parcels; 500 pairs of shoes
GazaFood parcels and medical support for Gaza
Somalia Iftar everyday in Somalia; Fishing boats with engines to make people independent

Ramadaan Feeding

Click here for a full list of feeding points for Iftar and Sehri in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Contact details are provided for those who would like to participate in the Ramadaan Feeding.

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