Recent studies have indicated an alarming trend among children - that sedentary activity like excessive indulgence in television, play stations and mobile phone games and chatrooms are resulting in a lack of exercise, impacting on the long-term health of children.

In 2005, we made a humble beginning in promoting sports development and supported one team with a volleyball kit. In 2006, we supported a few children’s and adults teams with soccer kits. In 2008, we supported the establishment of a soccer tournament over Easter with 12 teams participating in the tournament held in Pietermartizburg. All the trophies and the entire event were sponsored by GOTG. Also in 2008, an underprivileged athlete was sponsored to take part in an international world karate tournament overseas. A local cricket team from Johannesburg was sponsored with equipment and uniforms and subsequently won the league.

In 2009, we decided to pour more resources into our Sports Development project, because of the increasing pressures our children have to endure. Firstly, we sponsored the Jive 10km Big Walk in Cape Town – a walk geared for the whole family. In April, we expanded the Pietermaritzburg-based Easter Tournament to include seven children’s teams. Besides sponsoring the tournament and the trophies, it was decided to present every participant with a figurine as a means of encouragement and motivation, as many of these children have never received an award before. Later in April, we made our biggest sport sponsorship yet - a R250,000 sponsorship for karate, which up till now is still regarded an amateur sport. For GOTG, karate is a spiritual sport associated with spiritual masters, meditation, discipline and obedience. For further details, click on the links below.