Alexandra Township, Gauteng

Medicaments and Food Parcels were distributed the following organizations in Alexandra, Gauteng.

Alex Clinic received various forms of medicaments with the exception of drinkable medicines due to governmental regulations associated with such. Alex Clinic and University Teaching Hospital is situated within the parameters of Alexandra Township.

Hospice and Rehab Centre received various forms of medicaments including drinkables in terms of pills, elixirs and syrups as well as non-perishable food items. It operates within the Alexandra Township and caters to unhealthy adults with various forms of terminal diseases and other convalescents in the area.

Talk to Me Orphanage is situated on 8th Avenue in the very degenerated section of Alexandra Township. They received non-perishable food items including Rice, Samp and Soup.

Rembrandt Park Primary School is situated in Rembrandt Park, which has a sectorial linkage with Alexandra Township as environ. The school receives Alexandra Township children as part of its feeder line and received non-perishable food items including a 50kg bag of rice, samp and assorted soup. GOTG started helping out with the deprived orphans within the school in 2014.

Reabetswe Community Care Service and Training is headquartered in Lombardy East, with its reach-out centre situated at 2nd Street, Wynberg, along the corridors of Alexandra Township. It caters to the needs of deprived and orphaned children, the frail and elderly both female and male. It has within its feeding scheme a total of 250 people (Children and adults). It received non-perishable food items including 2kg X 40 packets of rice and assorted cooking items.

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