Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association

The Gift of the Givers has embarked on a new project in Partnership with the Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association, which has been in existence for 34 years at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch. The purpose of this project is to provide breakfast, lunch, tea and coffee, Monday to Friday and also providing Detergent and Hygiene Products to the parents of the children admitted at the hospital. Proven by their records, their kitchen has never been as busy and occupied as it has been since the joined partnership with us. The popularity of the menu has attracted many as it appeals to all races and religions, now they have parents waiting in the kitchen before breakfast and lunch time with the comfort of knowing that they will be more than satisfied with these meals being served to them.


“It is a pleasure to see satisfied and happy faces coming up to our staff members handling the food, giving them sincere thank you wishes and offering compliments for the food. As much as we would like to accept the compliments we cannot accept them all as we have YOU, the Gift of the Givers, to thank, and without your contribution this programme would not be the success it is today. We always remind these parents who thanks us, by pointing at the Gift of the Givers banner and telling them that they should be grateful to these individuals who supply them with a home cooked meal. The parents have become so accustomed and dependant on the food that you supply, that they feel at home, which is exactly what we pride ourselves on and what the Friends stand for: giving people a safe haven and comfortable environment to be in while still at the hospital. We would like to thank you once again on behalf of the Friends and the parents, we are really grateful for your invaluable contribution and we are forever in your debt.

- Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association


Having to see your child in pain is one of the worse things a parent has to endure, your own lack of sleep and nutrition is the last thing on a parents mind but it is the first thing on ours. The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is dedicated to helping these children and we at the Gift of the Givers thank the Almighty for giving us the opportunity to give a helping hand by seeing to the parents. We hope this partnership strengthens and that we may continue to offer these parents this little bit of comfort for years to come.

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