The Gift of the Givers Foundation set up the largest Open Source Computer Lab of its kind in Africa in Northbury Park Secondary School, Pietermaritzburg in 2006. The facility has 110 computers.

The advantage of Open Source being that the source code is known, the software can be modified and the software is free, irrespective of the number of PC’s on the premises. This is a huge advantage for the populations of Africa, where propriety software for individual machines are so expensive, and so often, more than one type of software package has to be purchased; this becomes extremely costly as it has to be purchased for every machine. This facility was opened by the Minister of Education for KwaZulu-Natal, Ms Ina Cronje.

Over the month of September and October 2010, the Open Source Computer Lab, received a much needed upgrade. The existing setup was replaced with brand new hardware and the software was upgraded to meet with the current requirements of the Department of Education. Learners were delighted by the system upgrade and just in time for the national examination.

This upgrade of R300 000.00 included:
  • 84 Thin Clients
  • 84 USB Keyboards
  • 1 Server
  • Slide512
  • Slide513
  • Slide514
  • Slide515