29/03/2018 - Delivery of School Kit with SABC Foundation

29/03/2018 - Delivery of School Kit with SABC Foundation
Gift of the Givers together with SABC Foundation distributed aid to the Letsemeng Child and Youth Care Center in Koffiefontein, Free State. Items included were:
  • 24 Stationery Packs
  • 24 School Bags
  • 2 Netball Kits
  • 24 GOTG Water Bottles
  • 24 Cereal Packs
  • 24 TFG Blankets
  • Bulk Food
  • Bulk Detergents
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Kumkani School Library Renovations

Kumkani School Library Renovations
Gift of the Givers together with Tricircle hardware completed the renovations of a library and handed over to Kumkani Primary School near Creighton.
460 kids and 30 staff received food hampers, hygiene packs, blankets and beanies.

In addition to the construction - three bookshelves and a bakkie full of books were delivered.
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26/09/2017 - Biscuit Distribution

26/09/2017 - Biscuit Distribution

Gift of the Givers brought smiles to the learners of Klipfontein Primary and Latana Primary School by surprising them with a donations of biscuits.

  • 1512 x 300g Belvita Biscuits
  • 876 x 420g Oreo Biscuits
Total Project Value: R60 136.68
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05/02/2016 - Careline and UKZN School of Philosophy and Religion Partnership

Gift of the Givers Careline hosted the UKZN Gender, Religion and Health Masters students early this year. Students were given an overview of the activities of the counselling services and support structures to the community and their modus operandi. Counsellors shared their experiences from both the helper and the helped perspectives. They provided  insight into the case-load undertaken at

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11/03/2017 - Afrikaanse Hoerskool Germiston

Afrikaanse Hoerskool Germiston were donated Unilever goods to a value of R80 000.00. Seventy percent of these pupils families live on the bread line. Gift of the Givers will support their kitchen which offers students consumer studies.
Fruit spot is also supporting this project.


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29/11/2012 - Ekukhanyeni Special School

GOTG distributes 365 Food Parcels to children at Ekukhayeni Special School in Imbali, Pietermaritzburg. The nurses were especially grateful for the assistance toward the wellbeing of the mentally challenged children.

Total Project Value: R73 000.00

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26/04/2016 - Steenberg and Lotus River Schools

Gift of the Givers distributes Maggi 2 Minute Noodles and Margarine to 5 schools in Steenberg and Lotus River in Cape Town.

Floreat Primary

  • 75 x Maggi Noodles

Sullivan Primary

  • 62 x Maggi Noodles

Delta Primary

  • 100 x Maggi Noodles
  • 22 x Stork (+ 8 loose)   
  • 11 x Flora

Lourier Primary

  • 56 x Maggi Noodles
  • 18 x Stork (+ 20 loose)  

Stephen Road

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29/09/2016 - Kranskop High School

350 learners from Kranskop High School received:

  • 350 Detergent Packs
  • 700 Flora Active Margarine
  • 350 Cases x 23g Hot Chocolate
  • 290 School Shoes
  • 90 Tom Tom Shoes
  • 700 x 1lt Salad Dressing

Total Project Value: R312 000.00.


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20/04/2015 - Athlone Preschools

Gift of the Givers distributes Gift Packs consisting of:

  • Yoghurt
  • Milo Cereal
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cuppachino Sachets
  • Sauces
  • Rama Margarine


Project Value

Babs Pre School

R21 825.00

Bethany Educare Centre

R17 550.00

Total Project Value: R39 375.00

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27/04/2013 - Lakehaven Primary School

Gift of the Givers was contacted by Quraisha Adam from the Lakehaven Childrens Home. A Community Outreach programme held over the weekend was organised by learners of Hillgrove Secondary school who also reside at Lakehaven Children’s Home. The programme was steered toward children who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Counselling was provided by the Lakehaven team with the hope of reintegrating

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25/04/2016 - Vrygrond and Skaapkraal Schools

The Gift of the Givers Western Cape branch delivered goodies to 4 schools in Vrygrond and Skaapkraal.

Dietrich Moravian Primary

  • 30 x Maggi Noodles
  • 300 x Hampers (Milo, Joko Tea, Aero Chocolate)

Capricorn Primary

  • 70 x Maggi Noodles
  • 68 x Aero Bubbles
  • 24 x Rama 30x500g

iThemba School

  • 16 x Maggi Noodles
  • 9 x Aero
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24/02/2015 - Columbia Primary School

Little hearts of Columbia Primary School were most thankful to Gift of the Givers for their Stationary Packs, Shoes and a Large Unilever Detergent Pack for the school.

  • 300 Pairs of shoes
  • 750 Stationary Packs
  • 1 Large Unilever Detergent Pack

Total Project Value: R132 000.00


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10-23/08/2015 - KZN Schools Receive Aid

Gift of the Givers distributes Nutrition, Detergent and Personal Hygiene Packs to KZN schools.

RecipientQuantityProject Value
Clareville Primary School895 Nutrition PacksR358 000.00
Ekuthuthukeni Special School275 Nutrition PacksR110 000.00
Eastwood Primary School
  • 200 Nutrition Packs
  • 200 Detergent Packs
R80 000.00
Nsimbini Primary School149 Personal Hygiene PacksR 59 600.00
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23/04/2014 - Schools in Durban

Gift of the Givers distributes aid to schools and creches in Durban.





 Greenwood Primary School      

75 Personal Hygiene Packs

  R11 250.00

 Buffelsdale Primary School

300 Soup Packs

R45 000.00

 5 Creches in Inanda

10 x 10kg Meali Meal
5 x 5lt Tomotoe Sauce
10 x 8kg Knorrox Cubes
500 x 500g Rama Spread
50 x 250g Nestum Baby

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26/10/2015 - Bishop Lavis Schools

Gift of the Givers distributes Sweets & Chocolates to 291 learners of Lavisrylaan Primary School & 450 to Bergville Primary School learners in Bishops Lavis, Western Cape.

InstitutionProject Value
Lavisrylaan Primary School LearnersR8 283.70
Bergville Primary School LearnersR7 041.60

 Total Project Value: R15 325.30


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22/08/2014 - H. S. Ebrahim School

Physically challenged et a spectacular dance performance by the learners of H.S. Ebrahim School in Pietermaritzburg. Gift of the Givers in partnership with the Women’s Upliftment Group provided a Meal and distributed Personal Hygiene Packs to the 220 learners.

  • 220 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 5 x 10kg Mealie Meal
  • 60 x 1kg Rice
  • 24 x 500g Nestum
  • 60 x 1ltr Juice
  • 36 x 410g Baked Beans
  • 5 x 5ltr Tomato Sauce
  • 2 x 5kg
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27/05/2014 - KZN Primary Schools

Gift of the Givers hands over aid to Greenhill and Phoenix Primary Schools in KZN




Project Value

Greenhill Primary

Toy Packs
600 x 100ml Close Up Toothpaste
600 x 100ml Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
600 x 250g Washing Soap
1200 x 500g Flora Margarine

R40 000.00

Phoenix Pioneer Primary

Toy Packs
600 Personal Hygiene Packs

R270 000.00

Total Project Value: R310 000.00

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19/08/2014 - Springhaven Primary School

Gift of the Givers supports school garden projects. A group of avid agriculturists at Springhaven Primary School were excited to receive our veggie garden starter kit. Each learner also received 20 Personal Hygiene Packs.

  • 20 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 10 x 5kg Fertilizers
  • 2 x 25kg Mealie Seeds
  • 1000 Seedlings

Total Project Value: R20 000.00


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19/02/2015 - Brookdale Primary School

Gift of the Givers distributes Clothing Brookdale Primary in Phoenix.

  • 1000 School Jerseys
  • 1000 Tom Shoes
  • 128 Pairs of Socks
  • 480 x 200g Soup
  • 10 Dispenser Hand Rolls
  • 9 Cases of Assorted Clothing

Total Project Value: R178 640.00


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01/03/2017 - Bokmakierie Community

Gift of the Givers reached out to 299 families of Bokmakierie, Athlone, a community long suffering from crime and unemployment. We approached Bokmakierie Primary School to assist with organising the community and using the school to distribute the items.

Gift of the Givers distributed food packs and detergents to the community and hot chocolate to the 325 students.
School uniforms were provided to

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19/02/2015 - Eastwood Primary School

13 Eastwood Primary School boys were selected for a summer camp at Glenhaven that teaches them lifeskills. Gift of the Givers assisted the underprivileged boys with 13 Personal Hygiene Packs and Blankets.

Total Project Value: R5 850.00


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15/04/2014 - Glenwood Primary School

The Msunduzi Municipality hosted a talk at Glenwood Primary School in Pietermaritzburg on recycling, and personal hygiene. Gift of the Givers supported this initiative by distributing 50 Packs of Sanitary Towels to the girls.

Total Project Value: R500.00

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19/05/2017 - Stationery Distribution, Western Cape

19/05/2017 - Stationery Distribution, Western Cape

Major stationery drive in partnership with Discovery and Essential Hardware takes off in the Western Cape. Gift of the Givers visits a Scondary and 3 Primary Schools in underserved and underprivileged communities in Joe Slovo, Kensington and Ysterplaat. 2366 children received stationery packs and 136 matric students received a suitable pack of their own.

Total Project Value: R139 958.54.


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29/11/2017 - Oranjekloof Primary School Kitchen Handover

29/11/2017 - Oranjekloof Primary School Kitchen Handover
Gift of the Givers hands over a brand new kitchen to the Oranjekloof Primary School for the efficient running of their feeding scheme. 
Excited members of the Western Cape Education Department for Hout Bay District, Mrs Nosipho, School Governing Body member, Mr Mdubeki , School principal, Mr Mkhululi, teachers, learners and staff members were totally blown away as the kitchen was
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Pretoria High School for Girls

Pretoria High School for Girls

Team Celeritas – Eleanor Harding, Ingrid Lambert, Akhona Mafenuka, Keyuri Naidoo, Samantha Rogers, accompanied by Mrs Lynelle Van Heerden and Mrs Joan Manders  of Pretoria High School for Girls to participate in the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge World Finals in Singapore. This competition was held from Saturday 18 September until the awards evening on Wednesday 22 September. Team Celeritas

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Gift of the Givers Unveils Computer Lab at Mangosuthu University of Technology

Gift of the Givers Unveils Computer Lab at Mangosuthu University of Technology

On Friday 24th November 2017, Gift of the Givers will hand over  a 20-seat lab to the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Mangosuthu University of Technology.

The university was seriously affected by the recent KZN megastorm destroying lecture theatres, admin blocks and residences. Three computer labs housing 100 computers were badly damaged being submerged in one metre of water.

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15/11/2017 - St Martins School

15/11/2017 - St Martins School

This is St Martins School in Port Shepstone. A school for deaf, autistic and general learning disabilities. The kids come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The school hosts a party once a year for them. We supported them by providing:

  • bulk sauces for their meal at the event
  • 1 blanket per child
  • plastic dishes for each child
  • play dough for the younger kids
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St Thomas School for the Deaf

St Thomas School for the Deaf
After an article appeared in the newspaper regarding a lack of food at St Thomas School for the Deaf, Gift of the Givers immediately responded by delivering bulk food to the school over their exam period.
The learners at the hostel and their teachers were very happy after receiving the following goods:
  • 400 Food Buckets
  • 400 TFG Blankets
  • 400 Diaries
  • 400 Floor Mats
  • Bulk Food and Water
  • 2 Water
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02/11/2017 - Sakalengwe High School

02/11/2017 - Sakalengwe High School
Gift of the Givers together with Tshepang Motloung from the Department of Education made a special delivery of a variety of aid at Sakalengwe High School in Mmasebudule Village.
  • 200 Sanitary Pads
  • 60 TFG Blankets
  • 6 x 5lt Comfort
  • 32 Bottles of Milton
  • 82 Packs Toilet Paper
  • 3 Boxes of Fruit (Bananas, Oranges, & Apples)
  • 60 Packs of Stationery
  • Cerevita Porridge
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Education Support

Education Support

The prosperity of a nation depends on the degree of its investment in Education. The Investment needs to be supported by a relevant curriculum, effective management, dedicated educators, "thirsty" learners, enthusiastic parents, a motivated civil society and insightful corporates. The energy dissipated by this type of collective would develop a highly efficient society which would make a

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30/08/2013 - Emona Primary School

In an orderly line 260 pupils from Emona Primary School in Tongaat anxiously wait for their turn to receive a Personal Hygiene Pack from GOTG in partnership with Unilever.

Total Project Value: R104 000.00.

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05/08/2016 - Xunkhewesa Combined School

We spread warmth and love at Xunkhewesa Combined School in Platfontein, Kimberley. We were joined by Mr Norman Shushu. MEC for Agriculture, Northern Cape, the New Age Newspaper and Radio Tamaneng.

  • The following items were delivered by the GOTG team:
  • 1000 blankets
  • 2 Pallets Baby Food
  • 1 Pallet Sunlight Soap Powder
  • 1 Pallet of Margarine
  • 3000 Cremora Coffee Creamer
  • 200 Balls
  • Warm Clothing
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31/10/2013 - Eastwood Primary School

Gift of the Givers distributes 107 Personal Hygiene Packs to Eastwood Primary Secondary school in Pietermaritzburg.The girls especially expressed their sincere gratitude for the toiletries as many have had to skip school as they lack the finances to purchase the bare necessities.

Total Project Value: R48 150.00


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30/07/2014 - KZN Schools

Gift of the Givers in partnership with Phoenix Poverty Reduction Association and Checkout distributes 1000 Personal Hygiene Packs and Groceries to the underprivileged learners from schools in Phoenix, Verulam, Tongaat and Inanda.

Total Project Value: R400 000.00.


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09/02/2016 - Margarine for Western Cape Schools

Distribution of Margarine and Meadowland Delight to 4899 learners from the following underprivileged schools in the Western Cape:

  • Bellville South Primary School
  • Nebo Primary School
  • Pinedene Primary School
  • Kasselsvlei Primary School
  • Goei Hoop Primary School
  • Winsley Laer School

Total Project Value: R437 417.47


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28/02/2013 - As Salaam Combined School

As-Salaam Combined School in the South Coast provides meals to 300 learners everyday, Monday to Friday. Many of the children attending the school come from underprivileged homes.

GOTG hands over:

  • 4 Bail of Clothing
  • 720 x 500g Rama Margarine
  • 49 x 12kg Joko Loose Tea
  • 156 x 10g Cup a Soup
  • 12 500 x 10g sachets
  • 1 x 25kg Mrs Balls Chutney
  • 1 Large Unilever Detergent Pack

Total Project Value: R111 700.00

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31/08/2016 - Langa Schools

Zimasa, Moshesh, Siyabulela and Mokone Primary schools in Langa, Western Cape received:

  • Vicks
  • Oreo
  • Dairy Milk
  • Kit Kat
  • PS Mini Bars
  • Joko Loose Tea

Total Project Value: R253 072.06

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09/09/2015 - Willowmeade Secondary School

Willowmeade Secondary is the only school in Lenasia that has a camp school for the matric students. A program initiated by the previous principal in 2014 which allows students to stay over at the school during trails and final examinations.

Gift of the Givers handed over the following aid to the school:

  • 3 x 50kg Rice
  • 200 Boxes Chomp Chocolates
  • 150 Hygiene Packs
  • 50kg Beans
  • 10 Boxes Milk
  • 4 Boxes Steak Chop
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24/02/2014 - Newtons Pre-Vocational School

GOTG distributes aid to the challenged learners of Newton Pre-Vocational School in Pietermaritzburg. Team member, Tracy, also briefly explains what Gift of the Givers is about, and the importance of giving back to society once they graduate. Many of the learners showed enthusiasm to volunteer.

  • 100 Soup Packs
  • 200 x 500g Sibusiso Ready Food Supplement
  • Large Unilever

Total Project Value: R29 500.00

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15/12/2012 - Oceanview Primary School

An Annual Charity Day has been observed for the last 10 years by the Havenside Church in Chatsworth. They serve underpriviledged children and this year called on GOTG for assistance at Ocenview Primary School. The children received a Hot Meal, Goody Hamper and Clothing from the church. GOTG also distributed 250 Gift Packs, consisting of:

  • Watch
  • Photo Frame
  • Toothbrush
  • Roll On
  • Kids Game
  • Sunglasses
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24/10/2014 - Wembley Primary School

Wembley Primary School in Durban hosted a Spelling Whizz contest between 120 learners from 40 different schools in the Phoenix and Verulam.

Gift of the Givers supported the contest by handing out 120 Personal Hygiene Pack to all participants.

Total Project Value: R48 000.00


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04/09/2015 - Brookdale Primary School

2300 learners who face poverty often don't enjoy breakfast before they leave home for school. Thankfully Brookdale Primary provides learners with a meal and Gift of the Givers continues to support this initiative by handing over 2300 Nutrition Packs.

Total Project Value: R920 000.00


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16/05/2015 - Durban High School

250 learners gathered at Durban High School in celebration and recognition of the New Generation Conference. Learners gather to form clubs which is beneficial to their education as well as support the physically disabled learners.

Total Project Value: R100 000.00


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08/03/2017 - Sarasvati Primary School

800 underprivileged community members from Tongaat gathered at Sarasvati Primary school to receive Food Parcels, Personal Hygiene and Detergent Packs from Gift of the Givers.

Total Project Value: R992 000.00.


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30/05/2013 - Northbury Park Secondary School

GOTG distributes Food Packs to 100 students at Northbury Park Secondary school in Pietermaritzburg. Items distributed were:

  • 200 Nido Milkshake
  • 200 Rama Tubs
  • 100 x 1kg Sugar Beans
  • 100 x 400g Knorr Soup
  • 600 x 60g Soup Packs

Total Project Value: R15 000.00

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13/05/2015 - Brookdale Primary School

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as each learner orderly lined up to receive a Nutrition Packs from Gift of the Givers.

  • 500 Nutrition Packs
  • 500 x 24g Tuc Biscuits
  • 4600 x 250g Flora Margarine Tubs

Total Project Value: R200 000.00


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21/11/2013 - Arthur Blaxall School

Gift of the Givers distributes 277 Personal Hygiene Packs to Arthur Blaxall special needs school in Pietermaritzburg. This in support of the launch of 16 Days of Activism. The SAPS encouraged the, mostly visually impaired, learners to report violence against women and children. 

Other items distributed to the school:

  • 10lt Sunlite Liquid
  • 10ltr Domestos
  • 10ltr Handy Andy
  • 12ltr Sta Soft Fabric

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24/07/2015 - Primary School Distribution

Gift of the Givers distriutes Snack Packs to 2 primary schools in KZN.

Recipient Quanitity Project Values

Ramintha Primary School, Phoenix

320 x 30g Bar One Chocolate

320 x 100g Yogurts

320  x 20g Chips

640 Naartjies

768 x 50g Biscuits

2 Large Detergents for the School

R13 760.00

Newholmes Primary School, PMB

550 x 30g Bar Ones

10 Cases Naartjies

1100 x 100g Yogurts

550 x 20g Chips

1100 x 50g Toadys Rolls

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