Project Overview

Following the recent report by the Statistician-general, 55% (27 million) of the SA population are poverty stricken. The financial downgrade of the country, rising fuel cost, weakening currency, massive budget deficit, rising inflation, higher food prices, drought, unemployment at the highest level ever (27.3%) and increasing job losses especially in the mining sector (for every one job lost 10 family members are affected) are all factors adding to an increase in hunger. Gift of the Givers has embarked on a hunger alleviation programme by delivering food parcels to vulnerable families. No matter that food parcels are not a sustainable intervention but the reality is that our economy is NOT creating jobs. We can't just sit back and let people starve. 109 000 jobs have been lost in the agricultural sector this year.
We can't help everyone either but we will do the best we can. Thus far we have distributed food parcels in the following areas....