Relief for Bomb Victims

At Madina Hospital lie recovering victims of the recent bomb attack. Each day the Gift of the Givers team returns with meals, water, nutrition packs, fresh new sheets. We have also provided school bags, towels and clothing.
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Somalia Bomb Attack

Somalia Bomb Attack
Saturday's bomb blast in Mogadishu has been the worst Somalia has ever seen with 276 left dead and 300 injured.
Some of the Gift of the Givers staff donated the priceless gift of blood and our medical team assisted several patients at the hospital. We donated food to the victims and their families and will continue our support.
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Jowhar Hospital

Jowhar Hospital

More than 20 years of state collapse and protracted conflicts has left the health system and formal and informal civil protective mechanisms in ruins in south-central Somalia. As a result, international and local non-governmental organisations have been operating under difficult conditions to fill this critical gap.

The Jowhar District Hospital was built and donated by Somali Diaspora in November

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Monthly Groceries

Monthly Groceries
450 food parcels distributed in Malable IDP Camp, Somalia. Each parcels consisting of:
  • Rice 10kg
  • Soup
  • Soya Mince
  • Cooking Oil -1Lt per family
An additional 570 food parcels are handed out to the Martini disabled families on a monthly basis.
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