GOTG First Distribution to Randfontein's Residents

The stench of the dump filled the air but no-one seemed to noticed as some of the residents have been living there for up to 12 years. There were heaps of plastic bottles which would later be traded for money, this for some being the only source of income. It's not just South Africans living in these poor and unacceptable conditions, but Foreign Nationals too.

Water and sanitation is one of the biggest problems faced. One tap serves a community of over 1000 households and one has to be up by 4am in order to retrieve that water. There's no wonder people are falling ill all the time and what's worse is that they need to scratch in the dump for food before taking their medication. These people are suffering and feel like they are forgotten.

As the GOTG team connected with these people, listening to the horrific things they have to do to survive, it's clear that an intervention is needed. Although we arrived with 400 blankets, we promised to erect a jojo tank and install more taps. We will also commence a feeding scheme on a weekly basis.

Total Project Value: R20 000.00