Mamelodi Flood Relief Today

A special tribute to the media that highlighted the flood situation in KZN and the rest of the country so prominently in recent days. A big "Thank You" from Gift of the Givers for the extensive coverage afforded to our response and involvement in the Ladysmith and Newcastle region in the period 5-9 January 2011. This brought huge support from the public and indeed benefited those in need.

This benefit now overflows into Mamelodi, Pretoria. We had promised that though our initial response was in KZN which at that time was the worst affected, our teams were on standby for other provinces. That promise comes to pass today.

A visit to Mamelodi on 11 January 2011 confirmed various levels of damage to 8500 households. Accordingly the first 500 packages (several thousand more to follow) will be rolled out today from 12 noon in Extension 11, Lusaka. Packages consist of 500 food parcels, 500 hygiene packs, 500 household detergent packs, 500 sweet packs for children, 500 blankets, new clothing and shoes.

As the roll out continues there is a major need for "Back to School" related items. For details contact Allauddin Sayed on 0836677179 or Emily Thomas on 0836520315.

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