Humanitarian Aid Departs for Mozambique

Loading for Mozambique flood victims commences at our Bramley warehouse at 2pm today.  The SANDF will arrive with five 30 ton trucks for the purpose.  They will be accompanied by generals and other personnel.  Gift of the Givers vehicles will also be involved in the transportation of the emergency supplies.  A convoy of about 20 vehicles will depart from the military airforce base at 4am tomorrow.  An ambulance and a combined Gift of the Givers/SANDF medical team will be an integral part of the mission.

Food, water, water purification tablets (to purify 2 million litres of water), high energy ready to eat supplements, blankets, new clothing and new shoes will comprise the 200 ton aid package.  Our teams are on the ground since Monday in the Chokwe district where about 150 000 hungry and thirsty displaced civilians are eagerly awaiting international assistance. We envisage feeding 30 000 people a day for the next few days with the hope that they will be returning to their homes soon as the water subsides.  Storage facilities and a camp site are being arranged with the Mozambican authorities at Chokwe.

Public support for the Mozambican people is welcome.  Details 0800 786 911.