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17/09/2018 - Medical Assistance Offered in Taiz

September 18, 2018 Yemen
Gift of the Givers recently started medical campaign in Taiz province providing medical assistance to 200 families with the help of medical volunteers.
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13/09/2018 - Education Support Distribution

September 14, 2018 Palestine
Support for Education in Palestine, GOTG office in Gaza has launched this campaign to support more than 3000 students who have been affected by the UNRWA budget cut. The project will cover those students for 6 months…

12/09/2018 - Newly Displaced from Qoryoleey

September 14, 2018 Somalia
Gift of the Givers assists the 200 newly displaced families from Qoryoleey and surrounding villages in lower Shabelle region in Somalia. These families lost everything including their houses and livestock after fighting…

Photo Gallery - Floods on Alexandra 2000

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