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02/2019 - Winter Warmth in Gaza

February 14, 2019 Palestine
Over 1300 children will benefit from the Gift of the Givers Winter Warmth jacket distribution in Gaza. Our team also hosted the Gaza Winter Warmth Charity Market where people from surrounding areas could pick winter…

01/2019 - The Effects of the Gift of the Givers Farmer's Packs

February 06, 2019 Malawi
It's nearly harvest time for 2500 subsistence farmers who received Gift of the Givers Farmer's Packs in Malawi. One farmer said: "The maize crop in my small garden cultivated from the maize seed that you generously gave…

04/02/2019 - Financing Agreement with Islamic Development Bank

February 04, 2019 Palestine
The Islamic Development Bank and Gift of the Givers sign the Financing Agreement for the Social and Health Empowerment Project for Poor Families in Palestine.

29/09/2018 - Gamalakhe Community

Gift of the Givers reached out to the community of Gamalakhe where approx 5000 people attended an event hosted at Olwandle School. The event, co ordinated by Mr P.S Dlamini , identified the needs of the community and specifically the youth and their leadership skills which need to be developed.

The Gift of the Givers in conjunction with Shoprite Soup Kitchen were invited to attend this event. Hot soup and fresh bread, sponsored by Shoprite, was served to the attendees at 8am and volunteers from the Gift of the Givers distributed 500 Shoprite blankets and Soup Packs to the elderly with accessories for the young ladies.
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