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15/03/2019 - Flood Response in Nsanje and Chikwakwa Districts, Southern Malawi

March 15, 2019 Malawi
Gift of the Givers continues its intervention in Malawi to support the victims of the Flood Disaster targeting 1100 families in 7 out of 11 districts affected in the Southern Region of the country. The support includes…

15/03/2019 - St Michaels Primary School Receives Stationery Packs

March 15, 2019 Zimbabwe
Gift of the Givers distributes 928 stationery packs to St. Michaels Primary school in the high density suburb of Mbare, Harare. The school opened in 1980 under the Anglican Diocese of Harare, for displaced children, as…
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Gift of the Givers Malawi Flood Intervention

March 14, 2019 Malawi
Gift of the Givers Malawi offices have been extremely busy responding to the needs of people affected by the devastating floods in Malawi during the past week: 30 000 homes destroyed, 200 000 persons displaced, 38…

29/09/2018 - Gamalakhe Community

Gift of the Givers reached out to the community of Gamalakhe where approx 5000 people attended an event hosted at Olwandle School. The event, co ordinated by Mr P.S Dlamini , identified the needs of the community and specifically the youth and their leadership skills which need to be developed.

The Gift of the Givers in conjunction with Shoprite Soup Kitchen were invited to attend this event. Hot soup and fresh bread, sponsored by Shoprite, was served to the attendees at 8am and volunteers from the Gift of the Givers distributed 500 Shoprite blankets and Soup Packs to the elderly with accessories for the young ladies.
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