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Bangwe School

Mary’s Meals whose major objective is to alleviate the suffering in humanity, works to promote education among young boys and girls through the establishment of school feeding at government primary schools in the country. Mary’s Meals has grown from very small beginnings to support feeding programmes in 384 schools providing a single nutritious meal of Likuni Phala each school day to over 518,000 children.

The initiatives aim is to improve enrolment, reduce absenteeism and drop-out and improve educational attainment of learners. However, at times the programme faces problems in terms of sourcing water for preparing porridge as some areas have no reliable water facilities.

Realizing the importance of working together to improve the living standards of the underprivileged groups of people in our societies, Gift of the Givers together with Mary’s Meals, are promoting the wellbeing of the young boys and girls in primary schools by way of making available to them clean water through the sinking of boreholes in areas where water has always been a challenge in as far as school feeding programme is concerned.

Gift of the Givers kick-started the project last year by donating to Mary’s Meals 3 boreholes at the following schools:

  • Nambo Primary School in Mzuzu
  • Kabviwale Primary School in Mzuzu
  • Tapani Primary School in Blantyre
Gift of the Givers Foundation and Mary’s Meals are very pleased to note that the above schools are able to access clean water so as preventing the children as well as the communities from catching water borne diseases such as cholera.

In addition, the two organizations have, in the past, provided 4300 blankets and 6000 packets of dates Biscuits to school-going children.

Once again, the two organizations are delighted to commission another borehole from the additional three boreholes sunk recently at Bangwe, Namame and Manja Primary Schools in Blantyre district bringing the number of boreholes sunk in partnership with Mary’s Meals to six at a total value of MK6,000,000.

We feel our intervention continues to contribute positively to the well-being of the underprivileged people and at the same time enabling children from resource poor families to do well in their education as a long-term measure in improving both the educational and social life of people in Malawi.

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  • Borehole_Pre-Handover_Meeting
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  • Marys_Meals_Ladies_Drawing_Water_from_New_Borehole
  • Marys_Meals_Ladies_Drawing_Water_from_New_Borehole2