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12/02/2019 - Mr Moatshe

February 14, 2019 Wheelchairs
Mr Moatshe, a double amputee, from Lonelypark near Mafikeng was very happy to receive a new wheelchair from Gift of the Givers.

12/02/2019 - Mr Skeppers

February 14, 2019 Wheelchairs
Gift of the Givers delivers a wheelchair to Mr Skeppers who underwent open heart surgery and has difficulty breathing

08/02/2019 - Bawinile Zunga

February 13, 2019 Wheelchairs
Banwinile Zungu lives with abnormal bone growth. Gift of the Givers delivered a new wheelchair to her home in Inanda.
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04/02/2019 - Manickum Munisamy

February 06, 2019 Wheelchairs
60 year old Manickum Munisamy from Richard's Bay received a wheelchair from Gift of the Givers. Sadly a blister on his toe eventually led to gangrene and subsequent amputation of Mr Munisamy's leg.…

Agricultural Projects

In Malawi, we built 40 waterwells for the development of agricultural projects.

In South Africa, we provide farmers’ packs containing essential agricultural inputs such as water purification tablets, seeds, fertilizers and basic tools to subsistence farmers and agricultural groups. The agricultural groups consist of mainly women’s groups that do their own farming. There are 300 such groups in KwaZulu-Natal alone. This project will be starting in Orange Farm, Gauteng shortly.

Community Gardens

In March 2009, local community gardens in KwaZulu-Natal were given R100,000 worth of fertilizer and plant feed, which will assist in the sustainability of these much-needed agricultural projects.

The Sinamuva Garden Project

By Salim Sayed, GOTG Operations Manager, Pietermartizburg

The Sinamuva Garden Project started in March 2009 at the Masons Clinic based in Copesville, Pietermaritzburg.

The community garden (pictured below) was born out of a need for good nutrition. It was started by a group of unemployed community members who receive treatment at the clinic and decided to form a garden group as they require fresh food when taking their medication. We provided them with vegpaks, which consist of five different types of seeds and two types of fertilizers. We also provided them with seedlings to start the garden.

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Development of Rural Villages

This is a Malawian based project which concentrates on building water wells in rural areas.

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