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IMG-20150824-WA0001A Glorious Weekend in BloemfonteinIt was an unbelievably emotional moment when Yolande Korkie came face to face with the negotiator who secured her freedom from Al Qaeda...
00218/08/2015 - Girl Rising DocumentaryGift of the Givers Careline hosted the viewing of a documentary called “Girl Rising” in honour of Women’s month on 18th August 2015....
Amy_Biel_Pic_130/07/2015 - Biehl Pre-Primary SchoolGift of the Givers distributes Bulk Food, Seedlings and a Unilever Detergent Pack to Amy Biehl Pre-School in Woodlands,...
Dut_Pic_106/08/2015 - DUT Career DayStudents exhibited Gift of the Givers work at the Durban University of Technology career day, Pietermaritzburg campus. The students, who...
Wellness_Day_Pic_105/08/2015 - Manor Wellness WorkshopIn recognition of Women's Day, Gift of the Givers supported a community initiative hosted at the Manor sports grounds in...
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  • A Mercy to All
  • Jumpstart
  • Sibusiso
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  • Gaza
  • Darkoush Hospital
  • Yemen Clothing
  • Orphans Painting
  • Starving Miners in Kroondal 2015
  • Hostage Crisis
  • Ramadan Projects 2015
  • Winter Warmth 2015 - distributing blankets and soup packs
  • Nepal Earthquake
  • Response to Xenophobia victims in SA.
  • A Mercy to All - Shafiq Morton
  • Jumpstart Schools Entrepreneurship Project
  • Sibusiso Ready Food Supplement
  • Starving Somali Kids
  • Gaza: A People in Anguish - Medical Team
  • Gift of the Givers Hospital in Darkoush, Syria
  • Free Clothing Exhibition in Yemen
  • Orphans Paint Gift of the Givers Logo on Orphanage

Where We Are Active

Active Projects

09/07/2015 - Lenie van TonderIMG-20150821-WA0001Wheelchair Distribution : 29 year old, Lenie van Tonder, born with disabilities due to brain damage, receives a new wheelchair from Gift of the Givers.
Qurbani 2015Qurbani 1436/2015 : We appreciate your patience in awaiting the Qurbani details. We have incorporated new countries as we are keen to see the...
28/06/2015 - How Mine, Zimbabwepic1Ramadaan 1436/2015 : 2 weeks prior to distribution, the Gift of the Givers team in Bulawayo distributed hamper vouchers to 39 families residing in...
26/06/2015 - Greater Mutare Area, Zimbabwepic1Ramadaan 1436/2015 : 3 communities in Mutare, the 3rd largest city in Zimbabwe, received Ramadaan Food Parcels. Odzi, is a community that farms...
08/07/2015 - Hatcliffe Extension, Zimbabwepic1Ramadaan 1436/2015 : The environment paints a picture of a greatly underprivileged community. A resettlement area marred by deep ruts and washed...

Active Disaster Relief

Gift of the Givers Responds to Starving MinersStarving_MinersStarving Miners in Kroondal 2015 : We were contacted by Neo Nong from the Legal Resource Centre who requested an intervention by Gift of the Givers to assist...
02/08/2015 - Water Distribution in SanaaWater_Distrbution_in_sanaa_-_Yemen_10_resizeYemen : Gift of the Givers took 30 water tanks to the people of Sanaa. 300 families benefited from the clean drinking water.Total...
Distribution of Fruit on Hope FarmPic_1Xenophobia Crisis 2015 : Gift of the Givers continues to assist the 140 displaced refugees residing on the Hope Farm in Cato Ridge: Bulk Naartjies and...
Gift of the Givers Assists Relocated Chatsworth Camp RefugeesDisplaced_Refugee_Pic_1Xenophobia Crisis 2015 : Gift of the Givers has responded to a request by the KwaZulu Natal Christian Council and the owners of Hope Farm, Andrew and...


The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin on the African continent. We have delivered over R1.2 billion in aid to 41 countries around the world, including South Africa. We have designed and developed the world’s first and largest containerised mobile hospital, which was deployed in Bosnia. It was comparable to the best hospitals in Europe and remains unmatched to this day. 

We run 21 projects , administered by our offices in South Africa and Malawi. The projects cover areas such as Health, Education, Agricultural Sustainability, Life Skills, Job Creation & Entrepreneurship, Feeding Schemes, Sport & Culture and Winter Warmth.

In the area of Health, we developed the world’s first containerised Primary Health Care unit; there are now 20 units located around the country, serving about 40,000 patients every month. We innovated the world's first groundnut-soya milk high energy and protein supplement called Sibusiso Food Supplement indicated for those living with TB, HIV and Aids and Malnutrition. We established Careline, a telephonic and face to face counselling service (0800 786 786 Toll free).

We have received 94 awards to date, four from Heads of State, all of which recognise the contribution we have made in the course of fulfilling our humanitarian responsibility.

Our assistance is purely humanitarian and unconditional. We assist irrespective of race, religion, colour, class, political affiliation or geographical boundary. We are entirely neutral in our approach to mankind in need, are non-judgemental and have an open-minded approach to all situations. We work with governments to get our assistance delivered but do not align ourselves politically to any party. We have an excellent partnership relationship with the South African Government for the delivery of our local projects, as well as for foreign aid delivery. Our activities have been profiled extensively by the media both locally and internationally.

Food Supplement


IMG-20150423-WA0006EngenEngen donates R1 000 000.00 to Gift of the Givers toward the Xenophona... (Friday, 24 April 2015)

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HIV_Service_Delivery2008 - (28 Aug) - HIV/Aids Service DeliveryHIV/Aids Service Delivery Award to Gift of the Givers through Ahmed Sunka in... (Tuesday, 06 December 2011)

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